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Matthew Brendan Warner was arrested on Saturday morning after police discovered the body of his baby in the cab of a pickup truck in Newhall, Southern California, after he had initially reported her missing.

The 30-year-old was already facing charges of murder, assault on a child causing death and torture, but yesterday prosecutors also charged him with committing a series of sexual offences on Ellorah Rose Warner.

Opener and lead single ‘Good Ride Cowboy’ is a tribute to rodeo rider and cowboy singer Chris Ledoux, who was so famously namechecked in Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)’ at the start of Garth’s career, and who had died earlier that year.

He launched the song on an unsuspecting world live in Times Square, New York, during the CMA awards show, and that gave the single enough impetus to send it racing up the charts.

Ry Cooder and Glenn Frey were showing up on stage with Taks, and staunch traditionalists like Ricky Scaggs were touting Takamine new electronics as the “one to beat”.Some witnesses said they saw a slight twitching in Warner's neck about three minutes after the lethal injection began.The twitching lasted about seven minutes until he stopped breathing.Instead, the EF341SC went on to become Takamine’s flagship, best-selling model…thanks to Steve and Bruce.I came aboard as Takamine’s West Coast artist relations guy in 1988 just as discussions with Steve about a custom model based on the EF341 were beginning.

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