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An English actor, he started his career working in the music industry and later began working in the community theatre.

After that, he managed to work at the famous Gilded Balloon Theatre.

After studying for two years, he moved to the States, where he was introduced to acting coach Ivana Chubbuck.

Scott credits her influence and support with playing a large role in his future success.

"They set me in motion, giving me the drive I needed to move forward.

Soon it became apparent that I would need to move to London in order to truly focus on this as a career," Scott remembers.

Later on, he collaborated with some of the famous actors and comedians like Stephen Fry, Ben Elton, and Eddie Izzard.

During an interview in April 2014, Scott described a spiritual experience he had in Peru during a trip to the country, which he had just returned from prior to the interview, during which he took Ayahuasca with the guidance of Native Peruvian shamans.The eldest of four children, James Scott always knew he was destined to become an actor.He was first introduced to the theater upon moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he got a summer job at the Gilded Balloon Theatre, working with such great actors/comedians as Stephen Fry, Ben Elton and Eddie Izzard.Similar is the case of James Scott whose fans are keen to know his life secrets.He is a British actor who is best known for playing Ethan Cambies on the ABC drama All My Children and EJ Di Mera on the NBC drama Days of Our Lives.

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