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US President Barack Obama has spoken many times about his Irish ancestors - and now we know what they looked like.

That the mark was bettered by four-hundredths of a second by Luo Xuejuan, of China, in the latest chapter of their rivalry in Paris yesterday should not detract from the Briton's achievements.US Census records from 1860 show that Falmouth, a farmhand, his wife Charlotte and several children were living in Deerfield, Ohio.In 1870, the US Census showed Falmouth listed as a farmer in Tipton County, Indiana. (1820-1972): Patterns of Socio-Economic Transition in the Canadian North Advisor: Jean Friesen Name: Abra, Glennis Date Completed: May 2012 Thesis Title: Prairie Bluebirds: #5 Canadian General Hospital Nurses at War Advisor: Adele Perry Name: Acland, Erin Date Completed: October 2016 Thesis Title: Animation Matters: The Richard Condie fonds and Archiving Animation Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Allardyce, John Date Completed: October 1988 Thesis Title: W. Morton's "Bias of Prairie politics" as an analytical approach to the study of western Canadian political history : a historiographical critique Advisor: D. Sprague Name: Angel, Michael Date Completed: October 1986 Thesis Title: The Ojibway-Missionary Encounter at Rainy Lake Mission (1839-1857) Advisor: Jean Friesen Name: Babaian, Sharon Date Completed: May 1984 Thesis Title: Goldwin Smith as an Historian Advisor: A. Mc Killop Name: Bance, Bryan Date Completed: October 2012 Thesis Title: Outreach in the Academic Community: Enhancing the Teaching Role of University Archives Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Barbour, Dale Date Completed: March 2009 Working Title: The people’s playground” courting, socializing and working at Winnipeg Beach 1900 to 1965 Advisor: Gerald Friesen Name: Barnabe, Carole Date Completed: August 2002 Thesis Title: Le service des archives du college universitaire de Saint-Boniface: son etablissement et son avenir Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Bass, Jordan Date Completed: May 2012 Thesis Title: Name: Beattie, Heather Date Completed: October 2007 Thesis Title: 'The Texture of the Everyday': Appraising the Values of Women's Diaries and Weblogs Advisor: Terry Cook Name: Beazley, Elizabeth Date Completed: May 1985 Thesis Title: Andre François-Poncet, Ambassador of France, and Franco-Italian Relations, November 1938 to August 1939 Advisor: Robert A. Date Completed: October 1984 Thesis Title: The Vernacular Architecture of Three Ethnic Groups in Manitoba: A Comparative Analysis Advisor: J. Rea Name: Drescher, Evelyn Date Completed: October 1981 Thesis Title: The German Best Seller, 1914-1933: A Study of the Top Twenty-Five German Best Sellers and the German Reading Public Advisor: F. Stambrook Name: Driedger, Diane Date Completed: October 1987 Thesis Title: A History of Disabled People's International (DPI), 1945-1985 Advisor: T. Date Completed: May 1980 Thesis Title: The Origins of the Mennonite Central Committee (Canada) Advisor: W. Smith Name: Epp, Kathleen Date Completed: October 1999 Thesis Title: Telling Stories Around the "Electronic Campfire": The Use of Archives in Television Productions Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Esau, Frieda K. Nesmith Name: Geller, Peter Date Completed: October 1990 Thesis Title: Constructing Corporate Images of the Fur Trade: The Hudson's Bay Company, Public Relations and The Beaver Magazine 1920-1945 Advisor: J. 1882-1921 Advisor: Nolan Reilly Name: Harpelle, Ronald Date Completed: May 1987 Thesis Title: Agrarian Change & Peasantry in Twentieth Century Nicaragua Advisor: T. Anna Name: Harris, Geraldine Alton Date Completed: February 1995 Thesis Title: An Archival Administrative History of the Northern Stores Department, Hudson's Bay Company, 1959-1987 Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Heads, Wendy Date Completed: October 1997 Thesis Title: The Local Council of Women of Winnipeg 1894-1920 Tradition and Transformation Advisor: Mary Kinnear Name: Hemingway-Conway, Sara Date Completed: May 2000 Thesis Title: From Dusty Papers to Archival Treasures: Canadian Municipal Archives, the City of Winnipeg Archives, and the Records of Winnipeg City Council, 1874-1971 Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Hémond, Marc-André Date Completed: August 2008 Thesis Title: Military Law, Courts Martial and the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918 Advisor: De Lloyd J. Smith Name: Johnson, Cornelia Date Completed: October 1980 Thesis Title: A History of Mental Health Care in Manitoba: A Local Manifestation of an International Social Movement Advisor: W. Smith Name: Jones, Olimpia Date Completed: June 2003 Thesis Title: European Travellers in Nineteenth Century Russia: An Analysis of Travel Accounts on Russia under Tsar Nicolas I Advisor: O. Gerus Name: Jones, Renée Date Completed: October 1989 Thesis Title: The Keewatin Inuit and Interband Trade and Communications 1717-1900 Advisor: J. Date Completed: May 1983 (UW) Thesis Title: George F.Mc Robbie Name: Blay, Jacqueline Date Completed: May 1987 Thesis Title: Le fait français au Manitoba (1870-1984) Advisor: Lovell Clark Name: Block, Alvina Date Completed: October 1997 Thesis Title: George Flett, Native Presbyterian Missionary: "Old Philosopher/Rev'd Gentleman" Advisor: J. Date Completed: October 1983 Thesis Title: For Pleasure and Profit: Culture and Amusement on the Frontier, Winnipeg 1880-1914 Advisor: J. Why cannot the world see this": The Politics of William Ivens, 1916- 1936 Advisor: Nolan Reilly Name: Butterill, Christine Date Completed: May 1988 Thesis Title: The Cartulary of Flamstead Priory Advisor: L. Desmond Name: Campbell, Allison Date Completed: May 1991 (UW) Thesis Title: Beatrice Bridgen: The Formative Years of a Socialist Feminist 1881-1932 Advisor: Nolan Reilly Name: Chipman, Josephine Date Completed: May 1988 Thesis Title: The Mennonite Selbstschutz in the Ukraine: 1918-1919 Advisor: O. Gerus Name: Clarke, Margaret Date Completed: May 1997 Thesis Title: Reconstituting the Fur Trade Community of the Assiniboine Basin, 1793 to 1812 Advisor: J. Heller Name: Cousins, Maureen Date Completed: February 1998 Thesis Title: The Education Policy of the Dufferin Roblin Administration, 1958-1967 Advisor: J. Rea Name: Covernton, Gillian Date Completed: August 2005 Thesis Title: 'A System of morality veiled in allegory': The Private Rituals and Public Performances of Freemasons in Winnipeg, 1864-1900 Advisor: Adele Perry Name: Cuthbert, David Date Completed: April 2016 Thesis Title: The Work of Archives in the Age of Audio Reproduction: Archival Theory and Recorded Sound Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Daschuk, James Date Completed: October 1991 Thesis Title: Fear & Loathing at the Geological Survey: Politics and Science in Canada, 1868-1910 Advisor: D. Sprague Name: Davies, Dan Date Completed: December 2003 Thesis Title: Thinking Outside the Box: Re-Imagining Archival Description with the "Series" System Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: de Moissac, Claude Date Completed: May 1986 Thesis Title: Les premieres annees de Saint-Claude au Manitoba, 1892-1914 Advisor: A. The Peace Stance of the Conservative Kanadier Mennonites, 1874-1945” Name: Koreen, Blythe Date Completed: November 2006 Thesis Title: The Art of Description: Finding a Place for Works of Art in Archival Descriptive Standards and Practice Advisor: Terry Cook Name: Kowal-Denisenko, Tami Date Completed: October 2000 Thesis Title: Modernization and Nationalization in Batkivshchyna: Ukrainian Village Correspondence in an Eastern Galician Newspaper, 1886-1889 Advisor: O. Gerus Name: Kozminski, Megan Date Completed: May 2004 Thesis Title: Patrolling Winnipeg "According to Order" A Social History of Policing in a Prairie City, 1874-1900 Advisor: Tamara Myers Name: Krahn, Konrad Date Completed: July 2012 Thesis Title: Looking Under the Hood: Unraveling the Content, Structure, and Context of Functional Requirements for Electronic Recordkeeping Systems Advisor: Terry Cook Name: Krindle, Caddie Ruth Date Completed: October 2013 Thesis Title: On Simony, Sodomy and Sacrifice in the Sculptures of the Abbey Church of Sainte-Marie at Souillac Advisor: Claire Labrecque Name: Kroeker, Don Date Completed: 2000 Thesis Title: Manitoba Mennonite Archives and Canadian Mennonite Collective Memory Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Krzyzanska, Margaret Date Completed: October 1992 Thesis Title: A Study of Witchcraft in England, 1640-1660 Advisor: Henry Heller Name: Lee, Linda E. Date Completed: October 1983 Thesis Title: Blumenort - A Changing Mennonite Community, 1874-1982 Advisor: G. Friesen Name: Long, Jeffrey Date Completed: May 1993 Thesis Title: 1147 Rejected: A Study of Cistercian and Savignac Possessions in England and Wales 1127-1176 Advisor: L. Desmond Name: Lougheed, Brett Date completed: 2005 Thesis Title: Drafting An Archival Blueprint for Engineering in Manitoba: Developing a Thematic Guide to Engineering Records Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Loveridge, Donald Date Completed: 1977 Thesis Title: The Settlement of the Rural Municipality of Sifton, 1881-1920 Advisor: J. Rea Name: Lowe, Carman Date Completed: December 2010 Thesis Title: Name: Macdonald, C. Date Completed: May 1983 Thesis Title: George Bryce, Manitoba scientist, churchman and historian, 1844-1931 Advisor: G. Friesen Name: Macfarlane, Christine Date Completed: January 2002 Thesis Title: "Unfortunate Women of My Class" Prostitution in Winnipeg, 1870-1910 Advisor: D.

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