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High-precision chronologies and robust correlations between stratigraphic records are of paramount importance for establishing the temporal sequence and relationship between natural events and ultimately for evaluating evolutionary processes. Volcanic ash horizons can serve as powerful tools for synchronising natural archives and for transferring information from one stratigraphic record to another, independent of the uncertainties inherent in the comparison of absolute ages, thus enabling assessment of the relative temporal relationships and potential causal connections between disparate processes and events.

In this framework, the study of distal volcanic ash – ejected into atmosphere during large explosive eruptions and near-simultaneously deposited in diverse sedimentary environments up to thousands of kilometres from the source – has in the last several decades seen increased attention (e.g. Full realization of the potential of a marker tephra is a function of: (i) unequivocal correlations from site-to-site based on a host of parameters such as lithology, geochemistry, paleomagnetism, and approximate age; (ii) accurate knowledge of its dispersal area, and (iii) detailed assessment of stratigraphic events and processes in the sections where the tephra is found.

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