I am dating my mother

I mean, we had all the big things and little things in common. He’s introspective, kind and mature and he’s a gentleman.

After a few dates, we were texting back and forth one day.

I was matched with a handsome guy, “Jack,” and met up with him for a casual drink.

He’s about five years older than I am, but we were really hitting it off well.

Perhaps nothing is as disheartening as the discovery—after years of trying to escape from your dysfunctional childhood—that you have actually managed to recreate it.

Like many of you, I came of age in the 60s, a time when we thought we young people ruled the world.And I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotion since. But I’m resentful of the fact that she was dipping into my dating pool, and I can see the issue affecting our relationship. So though Jack wasn’t meant for you, I think he was meant to come into your life.He’s brought to the surface some complicated feelings you have toward your mother, and now you can finally talk to her about them.Dear Annie: I’ve wrestled with whether to send you a letter, because my story is so unbelievable I’m still trying to convince myself it didn’t happen.I’m 25 years old, and I recently reactivated my profile on a couple of dating apps.

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