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Dehaybi called about the ,000 ring and arranged for Mr Taylor to visit him at an address in Glebe, in Sydney's inner west.

Mr Taylor was stabbed four times and killed, his father wounded in the chest by Dehaybi and his accomplice JD, after the father and son turned up at the Sydney address to sell the ring.

“I am so ECSTATIC to finally announce my NEW label Metamorphosis Music & my first signing, the incredibly talented & soulful FERRAS! Perry duets with Ferras on the album’s track “Legends Never Die” and has invited him to join her on her upcoming North American tour.A wandering mercenary with incredible gunplay skills, Erron Black's exact origins are unknown.Born on Earth, he somehow found himself in Outworld.There he spent years wandering its vast territories, selling his amazing weaponry skills to local warlords.Now in the employ of Kotal Kahn, Black shows no inclination to return to Earthrealm - or aid them in their present struggles.

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