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I never doubted that Hang Ah will get the Queen Mother to safety, and I trust she’ll endure and survive any situation.

I’m so thankful her character acts like a trained North Korean soldier in action.

At times ludicrous, when necessary diabolical, he has it out for the South Korean royal family in a way that feels so utterly personal.

Now I’m wondering if indeed there is something connecting him to them that has yet to be revealed.

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Informed of a new start called JYJ starting with the 2010’s first album ‘The Beginning’, ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, ‘Just Us’ in 2014 was released, with the World Tour, Asia Tour etc., met up with the fans from around the world.

The power of solo singer Kim Junsu was also amazing. the solo full length album ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ in that year recorded sales of 120,000 copies, that same year successfully [had] his first World Tour as a domestic male solo singer, and left a footprint in the history of the World of Songs and Ballads.

A Pep Talk I have been very lazy to learn Korean myself, partly because as a professor in an English program I am usually surrounded by students who can speak English, and because on so many occasions I was so intimidated by Korean that I stopped trying.

Before living in Korea I taught in Mexico, and this spoiled me, because an English speaker can gain proficiency in Spanish quickly, but it takes years of studying Korean to get anywhere near conversational level.

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