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In this tutorial, we will use the consolidating sample file. The workbook contains four worksheets, and all those worksheets are data collections that you can use to combine into a Pivot Table.

On the Team1 worksheet, you can see that there is a rectangular region of data; it starts here in cell B3, and runs down the cell F7.

Most of the time when you create a Pivot table in Excel 2013 or Excel 2016, you’ll use a data list, or an Excel table.

There might be some different worksheets (or workbooks) that you have in your collection with data arranged differently, but you’ll still want to create a pivot table.

One of the issues you’ll probably come across is duplicate values.

Finding and getting rid of duplicate cells is easy in a small spreadsheet—it’s just a matter of looking through your data and copying and pasting a few cells.

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That’s long, especially in a world where the speed of change is only increasing.The later in- and external parties get their hands on trustworthy year, quarter and other important reports, the less they are able to do with that information.That’s created significant pressure on organizations to deliver quality, transparent information within an increasingly short time frame. With the financial consolidation process long and labour intensive, how to get back in the financial driving seat?You’ll see that it has a number of names next to employee numbers.Unfortunately, something went wrong in our example HR system, and some people have been put on the list twice with two different employee numbers.

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